It's All About The Process...

We grow in

An Environmentally-Controlled Greenhouse

This isn't your standard greenhouse. We have integrated automation at every level of production to create optimal growing conditions for our plants. This state-of-the-art greenhouse also includes transitional clean rooms to ensure a clean, healthy environment. 

We use

Recirculating Deep Water Culture Systems

No Soil for us. Our plant's roots are submerged in highly-oxygenated water, which allows the nutrients to come in direct contact and provides quicker growth rates for our plants. All nutrient schedules are automated & programmed specifically to each cultivar.

Everything is grown

Without The Use of Any Pesticide Sprays

We take pride in using natural preventatives to sustain a clean environment. With strict clean protocols and minimal human interaction with the plants due to integrated automation, we create an environment where the plants can thrive. We love our plants but it's a long distance relationship. 

Processed using

IWE & Solventless Extraction Methods

We process our in-house flower (cured & fresh frozen) into many different solventless concentrates. No use for butane, propane, or any of that stuff. Our methods are performed using precise SOPs to create high-quality cannabis products that express new, unique terpene profiles.

What We Like To Make



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