Glass House Grown wins Highest THC % and Highest Terpene % @ the 2017 Oregon Grow Classic

The awards just keep coming! The cannabis industry is in the heart of competition season, and just last weekend, the annual Oregon Grow Classic took place. It's safe to say that the results were nothing short of amazing for Glass House Grown. As you may or may not know, the Grow Classic is a very unique event where 50 of the top growers in the state are given a clone of the exact same genetic and they are then asked to grow the plant in their own respective growing style. Each grower then submits the final product in flower form and there are 3 individual awards to be given out at the event: Highest THC %, Highest Terpene %, and Grower's Choice. Well as it turns out, Glass House Grown walkedaway with 2 of the 3 awards - winning both Highest THC % and Highest Terpene %. Being a company with a strong focus and dedication to science, we couldn't be more thrilled to take home both of the analytical awards that were given away at this event. The Grow Classic considers itself to be "The Quintessential Cannabis Competition" due to its completely level playing field, and Glass House Grown couldn't be more proud to be the only company to receive multiple awards. That is now a total of 9 awards for the Glass House Grown brand, an outstanding achievement that makes us one of the most decorated producers & processors in the state.

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